The Cajon Drummer – Applying Techniques and Grooves to the Cajon


Applying Drumset Techniques and Grooves to the Cajón

• Perfect for anyone new to the cajón—from beginners to experienced drumset players

• Adapts essential, signature drumset grooves to the cajón

• Covers how to incorporate brush, shaker, and other accessory instruments

• Tips on how to play with singer/songwriters

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The cajon is not only a percussion instrument in its own right, it has also become the new drumset. Playing space and musical setting/dynamics have much to do with this, but practicality has blossomed into a viable means of expression that is not limited to percussionists only. Chris Steele’s book, aimed at drummers as well as non-drummers (i.e., anyone else), provides everything anyone might need to know about playing the cajon: from learning how to get a sound, to getting many sounds and textures, to rhythms that work in any setting or style.

-Peter Erskine

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